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Vacation with Sea Safari Cruises is the best choice to your experience.. Professional service and experienced crew will be provided to your charter and you can make your own food menu and schedule or activities by your self. Our safety procedure and our crew will always support your vacation. Take charter now and we can ensure that your vessel charter gets you to where you need to be.
Just contact us now, and give your tripís schedule!

Vessel Name :: Sea Safari VI
Charter Ship - Sea Safari VII

:: Interior (Bed Room) ::

Charter Ship Sea Safari VII Charter Boat - Bed Room   Charter Ship - Sea Safari VII
Charter Ship - Sea Safari VI
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  1. Charter Price
    • Sea Safari VI : USD. 25.000 per month (Twenty five thousand US Dollar) per month
  2. Conditions : Start and Finish must be in original place. When you do on outside of the original place, mobilization fee will be added to your charter price
  3. Rule of Payment
    • For 6 Months charter :
      The amount of the down payment/ deposit is equal with charter price for 2 months
    • For 12 Months charter :
      The amount of the down payment/ deposit is equal with charter price for 3 months

    The deposit must be sent to the account of Sea Safari Cruises at least 60 days before the departure date of the boat

    :: Simulation ::
    Charter Price : USD. 25.000 X 6 months
    : USD. 150.000
    Deposit: USD. 50.000 (equal with charter price for 2 months)

  4. Includes :
    • Crews
    • Salary for the crews
    • Accommodation for crew such foods, drinks, uniforms and medicines.
    • Boat maintenance
    • Two speed boats/ tender boats on board
  5. Excludes :
    • Port Clearance
    • Fuel & Pure Water
    • Accommodation for chartererís guest (food, drinks, entrance fee, medicines, etc)
    • Insurance for passengers
    • Handle port (for administration letters at the harbor)
Sea Safari VI  
Email :
Phone : +62-361 721 212
Fax : +62-361 723 363

Address : Jalan Dermaga II Pelabuhan Benoa, Denpasar (80221) - Bali - Indonesia
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